How To Become A Genderqueer Model

Many nonbinary readers have written in asking how to get started modeling for queer blogs, websites, and fashion lines. But these tips can be applied to any queer person looking to get into modeling. Enjoy!
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The Talent Agent: Teresa Morcho Invites Studs to Be Themselves​

When she lived in the Maryland-D.C. area, Teresa Morcho enjoyed a vibrant lesbian community with plentiful entertainment opportunities. However, when Morcho served in the military at a base in Fayetteville, N.C., she no longer had such a community and noted the lack of LGBT events in the area. Trebor Entertainment Group was created in 2007 with the mission of providing the lesbian community in rural towns in and around North Carolina with quality nightlife. Today, the Trebor Entertainment Group is an agency providing not-for-profit services to stud models, exclusively through the Stud Model Project.

“Our long-term goal and mission is to completely eradicate the need for specific gender roles in the fashion industry,” says Morcho. …
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