What is grass fed beef?

Grass-fed beef refers to beef animals that primarily feed on native and other natural grasses. Most store-bought beef is fed a significant amount of corn, grain, supplements and other additives to artificially ‘fatten’ up the beef. The result is that you are paying for fat and a less-healthy cut of meat.

Why is Grass Fed Beef a Healthier Option?

For a number of reasons, grass fed beef is a healthier option versus store-bought beef. Grass fed beef has about 30-40% less total fat, more antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K), less cholesterol and is rich in Omega-3s. Our beef is 100% all natural and raised with no hormones, GMOs or artificial additives.

What is Live Weight, Dressed (Hanging) Weight and Table Weight?

When you purchase grass fed beef you need to be aware of these terms and know the difference. The Live Weight is the weight of the animal when it is brought to the butcher. The Hanging Weight is the weight after slaughter. The Hanging, or Dressed weight will determine how much you will pay for the processed beef. The Beef Yield Percentage from live to dressed is approximately 53% to 62% of the live weight. Example: If the animal weighed 800 pounds the hanging weight would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 424 to 496 pounds. So now, the table weight is the amount of beef after processing. This accounts for another loss in weight when excess fat and bone are removed. This results in another 50% to 65% reduction. Then your table weight (processed) beef would be between 212 and 322 pounds of healthy grass fed beef.

Where is the Beef Processed?

Our beef is processed exclusively by the Butcher Block in Cross Plains, Texas. This is a family owned, USDA certified processing plant approximately 4 miles from our ranch. The cattle are humanely and efficiently processed, dry aged for 14 days then cut and vacuum wrapped.

Can a Friend and I Share a Processed Beef?

Sure, sharing the cost of the beef is a good idea and will save you money as well. I would recommend purchasing a whole or half beef. You and your partner would need to divide the beef yourself after processing.

Do I Need to Cook Grass-fed Beef Differently?

Yes. Because grass-fed beef is a leaner meat, you will have the best results by reducing the cooking temperature to medium setting, and reducing the cooking time by about 30% when grilling or pan frying. Grass fed beef is best enjoyed at a medium temperature, medium rare or rare. Grass-fed beef is like fine seafood; do not overcook! We recommend using a meat thermometer for best results cooking grass-fed beef.